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I just realized that although I love showing off other people's beautiful family and children's photos, I should share some of my own family (including my 4 legged family members). Last March we had to say goodbye to my beautiful horse, Ginger, as she was off to a great life as a kids' horse, and I wanted some photos to commemorate our time together. Of course, I also had to include my first four legged child, our Boston Terrier Wilson as well. My poor husband was stuck with the camera while I attempted to direct him in the types of shots I wanted, which is easier said than done with 2 animals going 3 different directions, so I think he did pretty well! And for the family photo, we definitely had a few tries on the tripod and some photoshop magic to get it right. Moral of the story - hire someone to take your family photos (ps, I think I know someone who does that).