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One thing I want to do more of is offer advice for getting the most out of your family photos, which is why I'll be writing weekly posts about just that: how to maximize your family photo experience! This week I want to talk about something that most people don't think about until it's too late - how often should you have a family photo session? Here are a couple of tips from my experience working with families for the past 9 years:

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1. Major life events:

This is probably the most common time when I get a call or email for new family photos - from engagement photos, to maternity photos, to newborn photos, and baby's first birthday, all of the milestones in life definitely call for celebrating with professional photos that you'll treasure forever. 

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2. Baby toddler and kids portraits:

From the newborn to 3 year old stage, little ones change so fast, parents want to document every stage before it's gone. Babyhood is amazing, with changes every week and month, and before you know it your baby is a toddler, and then a full on child. I typically see babies every 3-6 months for updated portraits, from tummy time to first steps, lots happens in the first 2 years of life worth celebrating.


3. Yearly during the holidays:

while December is a month of relaxation and shopping for most people, for photographers it's a whirlwind of fast paced family photo sessions ready to be sent out in the yearly holiday card or letter. Chances are, if you get your family photo taken once a year it's between Thanksgiving and New Years, not only because it's great to do a yearly update, but everybody comes together during the holidays for those rare extended family photo opportunities!

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So, how often should you have your family photos done? For me, it's as often as you can afford to, whether that's every season or every couple of years. Every day is another chance to make beautiful memories that make the best gifts and heirlooms for your kids as they grow up. Investing in your family's memories is so important throughout your lifetime, each sweet photo reminds you of the very best things in life - your family!