Entwined Portraits Seattle Family and Childrens Photography | 18 month old photos at Farrel McWhirter Farm Park Redmond

I've had the absolute pleasure of being Mr.C's portrait photographer from the time he was 6 months old! From 6 months to 12 months now to 18 months old I've photographed this little guy and his adorable family who moved from the eastside to the island. I always have an incredible time with this smiley little guy and his lovely momma, who is just the sweetest lady you will ever meet. Farrel McWhirter Farm Park is one of Mr.C's favorite places for photos since he loves any and all animals. He also loves to walk, run away from mom, open and close, and most of all SWING! Good thing there are two seperate playgrounds and a huge field at Farrel McWhirter!